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Being similar to the Chinese board game Go, Hudeccan has become popular during the mid 20th century. Unlike Go where you need to surround actual pieces of your opponent on the board, the primary target of Hudeccan is capturing territory by surrounding the opponent’s dots on an outlined paper with a continuous line of your own dots. A player wins by claiming more territory than the opponent.

Social Gaming Platform. Social network game with Facebook game bot.

Members of the Hudeccan game community regularly host tournaments with prizes. Just as any other board game, Hudeccan requires the presence of another player, so if there’s no company around, a player is deprived of playing Hudeccan.

Social Gaming Platform

Hudeccan is a social network game and platform with user profiles, tracking of player’s performance in the game, their ratings and achievements
layers can invite their friends through social media.

Ratings, Ranks, and Achievements

Players compete to earn ranks and achievements by winning games and completing challenges, such as surrounding 2500 dots or having a certain amount of victories over opponents.

Game Assistant

There is also an in-game live assistant that helps novice players by giving minor hints on deciding moves. The assistant is available only for the player’s first game and is monetized afterwards.

Game Knowledge Base and Tutorial Mode

The developed social gaming platform has an extensive knowledgebase about all game aspects available for players to learn.

Where do I start?

Features Of Social Gaming

Play online via Facebook

  • User Profile: friends list, messaging and managing game settings
  • In-game tournaments and prizes
  • Public main, in-game and tournaments chats
  • Ratings, ranks, and achievements
  • Game assistant mode
  • Facebook game bot
  • Knowledgebase and tutorial with a practice mod