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IoT Mobile App Development

How we works

An enterprise IoT mobile app development completed by Hudeccan. Solution works with BLE devices, captures, stores, and analyzes motion and dynamics data.


Intel® churns out products that are the ‘brains’ of modern personal computers: desktops, laptops, smartphones, and tablets. Intel also develops embedded semiconductors used in industrial, medical, and automotive fields. The corporation holds 90% of the microprocessors market.Today the company progressively invests in CPU development for a wide array of business verticals. The R&D activities of Intel® have also expanded to include computer vision, data & cloud tech, AI, 5G technologies, as well as wireless IoT protocols.

Data Collection Setup

The motion sensor captures and sends data primarily coming from an accelerometer and gyroscope. The developed app can be applied to any moving object that has the motion sensor attached. To power both the processes sensor connection and data collection, we applied Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology.

Data Sets Capturing

What data goes into the set? Well, any motion patterns like velocity, duration, frequency. The accelerometer determines changes along 3 axes, which is the basic information about how an object moves. The gyroscope, in the meantime, delivers info on the speed at which an object spins around the spatial axis.

Data Packets Uploading

When a collection pack is ready, the app first checks if the recorded data quality is decent. If it’s satisfactory, the app allows the user to proceed and start uploading the data sets to the cloud. If the quality is poor, the app suggests redoing the data capture.

Target’s for our Team:

Overall, this IoT solution’s main purpose was not simply to collect various motion data sets, but to extract specific types of information from all collected data. It was important to enable this process before data upload for far more complex use such as motion pattern modeling, machine learning, and data science.

Where do I start?


  • Reliable connectivity through BLE
  • Local in-app storage of all collected data
  • Data visualization via graphs
  • Сontrol over dynamically-modified data sets
  • UI fields & data collection name customization
  • Cloud server connection and data transfer

Hudeccan team was just in time to join this IoT project and augment the existing crew.