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Ethereum Based Gift Coupon

Gift Coupon System

Ethereum ERC20/ERC223 Based Gift Coupon

Implementation of ethereum smart contract based gift coupon system, in this system user, can load any ERC20/ERC223 tokens. Using that tokens they can create a gift coupon and distribute that coupons to people.

ERC20/ERC223 based gift coupon vouchers system.


Problems in Existing System

 Currently, missing of system or application like this, who can accept any            ERC20/ERC223 standard tokens and create a coupon vouchers.

What We Are Providing?

 Using blockchain technology, build a system like a gift coupon.
 Can accept any ERC20/ERC223 standard tokens and create a gift coupon           vouchers using that.

Gift Coupon Workflow


Application Details

The idea is organizations can use ERC20 tokens to reward others using Gift Coupon. In this project, you can Generate Gift Coupons to distribute in people around you. People can also redeem coupon using Coupons redeem code to receive a token in their wallets

 In Gift Coupon Tab Load Tokens Section User have to approve tokens from a current user account to use for generating Gift Coupons.
 In Generate Gift Coupons section the user can generate gift coupons proving the title of a coupon, cost per coupon in tokens, coupon quantity to be generated      and coupon expiry date.
A user can check out the list of newly created coupons in Gift Coupon List table. In a table, a user can also find out the Coupon codes which user can distribute      in around people.
In Redeem Gift Coupon section use can redeem the cost of the coupon in token providing coupon codes. After redeeming coupon code user can see increased      token balance in Token Balance Section on user dashboard.