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Ethereum Based Gift Coupon System

Ethereum ERC20/ERC223 Based Gift Coupon

Implementation of ethereum smart contract based gift coupon system, in this system user, can load any ERC20/ERC223 tokens. Using that tokens they can create a gift coupon and distribute that coupons to people.

 ERC20/ERC223 based gift coupon vouchers system.

Data Monetization

to discover and realize new insights-led opportunities, which are unique to the business, to improve the work they are already doing, and also innovate in unexplored dimensions.

Data Modernization

to build a boundary-less data landscape, powered by cloud-based data platform architectures to scale data, and pervasive analytics to democratize its consumption.


to cover the whole spectrum of Analytics work done in an organization, from Insights and Modeling to AI and ML which will help us to take the decisions effectively and advance.


to enable organizations to be GDPR ready by leveraging our end to end framework – Assess, Define, Administer and Manage the data more efficiently and for the valid points.

Where do I start?

Towards the path to building industrialized capabilities to monetize data. We begin by creating an integrated blueprint of opportunities – unique to their business – for data-led value creation. Thereon we chart the roadmap to incrementally build the capabilities they need to deliver on the blueprint. This involves:

  • Modernizing the core to prepare for the digital transformation
  • Building intelligence systems that interpret data cognitively to discover new signals and connect the unconnected
  • Leveraging Artificial Intelligence to nurture a learnable and adaptable enterprise that evolves at digital speed