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Blockchain Ecosystem

Bitcoin + Smart Contracts

Bitcoin + Smart Contracts

Echo enables FinTech apps, decentralized exchange solutions, derivatives, coins, and more that can all use BTC as native currency.

Develop with Any Language

Develop with Any Language

Echo supports a wide range of tools and languages: Solidity, C++, Go, Python, Rust, and more.



A scalable and efficient mechanism maintains decentralization across every transaction.

Smart Contracts

Unified Development Environment via x64 VM and EVM

Hudeccan  provides a convenient environment for smart contracts development with both the x64 Virtual Machine and Ethereum Virtual Machine integrated, enabling complex data structures, algorithms and calculations using any programming language and 3rd party library required for implementation.

X64 VM

The X64 Virtual Machine supports smart contracts built with major programming languages, frameworks, libraries, compilers, IDEs, and a variety of other tools.


The Ethereum Virtual Machine enables the development of smart contracts in Solidity, providing a unified environment and the ability to easily migrate apps to Hudeccan.

Bitcoin and Ethereum Sidechains

Use Native Currency to Build Powerful DApps

The Hudeccan blockchain is a layer-2 protocol that includes an Ethereum sidechain and a Bitcoin sidechain to enable network interoperability. This unique blockchain protocol enables other blockchain assets, including ERC20 tokens, to be represented on the Echo chain through a bi-directional peg, allowing Echo DApps (e.g., a decentralized exchange) to natively support the assets.


Transfer of Coins to Hudeccan

A deposit address is created using Hudeccan's create_address operation, and the funds are transferred to that address. These funds are frozen in the source chain, and the corresponding amount of assets is deposited to the Hudeccan chain after voting.


Validation by Voting

Hudeccan's committee members must vote to validate the deposit. The deposit is approved and settled only after the required amount of votes have been casted.


Withdrawal of Coins from Hudeccan

Assets on the Hudeccan chain that are linked to an external chain's coins can be transferred back to its source at any time using the withdrawal operation. This transfer involves the same process of freezing funds, voting, and approval.